Colombia Once and For All!

Colombia is here. I predicted that my predictions would be proven wrong once I got here, and yes they have been. Everything is much different than I expected. That big huge journey that sat in front of my eyes for so long has finally appeared. Colombia is hot, but cool at times. It’s cool when I sit in front of my fan or when I enter that one room in the building that’s air conditioned. It’s cool when there’s brisa. I was made for Colombia’s weather. Each day my grandmother tells me “lleva una sombra, te vas a poner pecosa” in which I reply “me gusta ser pecosa, me gusta el sol”. I like my skin freckled. I like the sun. I don’t like umbrellas.

When I tell people  I live in the state that had the “tormenta” or snow storm, their jaws drop. Although I wasn’t there for it, I didn’t really think twice about it. Snow is something I am so used to. For northern Colombians, snow is something of their dreams, or out of a movie. They don’t know for sure that it exists because they’ve never seen it, felt it, tasted it. My sister said “and Colombia, without water” when  I showed her the pictures my home friends sent of the snow. Funny how the world works sometimes.

I feel a little enclosed. For safety reasons, we are currently limited to the coast in our travels. Actually, were really not supposed to leave the barranquilla area.

I live in sabana grande. I like this big sheet that I live in. The people are super friendly. Most people stare, we are the only gringos in the town. Everyone we talk to is “a la orden” or “at our service”. People help each other out here.

I have a lot of spanish teachers. Mostly my family, they teach me the most. Next to them would be my actual spanish teacher, Jaime. Spanish is coming back to my quickly, but not quick enough. I long to be at the level I was at 4 years ago. I hope I can regain that level of fluency. I hope my brain is still young enough.


I have been here 2 weeks now. I have a feeling the next two years of my life will go by very fast.







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