Things are becoming quite sparse. Each day I wake up and live, I notice how things are lessening. I give things away. Things I haven’t touched in weeks, months, years. I throw stuff away, stuff I didn’t even know existed to my name. I use stuff up, purposely to be able to eliminate it from my life. I move things into a box of things that are going with me, making my purse and bedroom more sparse. I pack things away into boxes, causing sparsity. I file things away and write them in different, more compact places, eliminating papers in my possession. My list of things to do before January 12th gets shorter, as I cross things off of it. My homemade countdown made with post its up on my bedroom wall is diminishing. Sparseness everywhere. Excitement in my heart and soul.

I have started to say my final goodbyes to people. Customers, friends, family. People I know I won’t see in the next two weeks.

I feel like I have been floating through life the past month, with something so big right in front of me all set up and ready to play out. Leaving the life I have made for myself as a young adult here in the states, ready to unravel my next journey that will influence my fate & destination. The weeks leading up to the Peace Corps have caused me to feel the most relaxed state of being yet the most anxious state of being I’ve ever felt. Nothing much on my plate, just preparing to leave in two weeks.


Meeting Lindsay in Chicago, and Monica and Ben in New York in the past month has greatly eased my nervousness. The comfort I felt around them, within 2 minutes of meeting all three of them was indescribable. Shannon, my childhood friend said “doesn’t it feel great when you meet someone and you feel like you’ve known them forever” in regards to one of my PC friends, and I said “Yes, it certainly does feel great”.  I have a great feeling about this.


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