Quick little notes..

I plan to make this blog public when I post my first entry in country.

My friend Bob died : ( I can’t remember if he was 90 or 100. He lived a long and prosperous life. He was a war veteran and outlived his son who was killed in a war. He was a happy soul who radiated joy. I hadn’t seen him in about a month since he moved to a retirement home. I used to see him everyday that I worked since he came in for a turnover every day, never ordered anything else just a turnover and tea. Once we were completely out of turnovers and he got pancakes, he showed no negative emotion, ever. I think he died smiling. I can’t make it to his funeral, I have to work. I miss you Bob, and your cane with a flashlight on it, too.

I am on my way to living a healthier lifestyle. I have been pushing my physical limits and watching myself become a more self controlled person. Currently running approx 3.5 miles per day at 5.5 mph.. 6 out of 7 days a week. I count the songs as they go by and when I get to ten songs, I check and then usually go another mile or so. I sometimes hate it while I’m actually running but by the next day I crave it a little.

I like making friends all over the world. Today I met some new friends in Philly, with my dad. I love my city.


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