In a mere four months…

Right now, four months sounds like an absolute eternity to me. But I try to remind myself just how fast four months goes by. I am already seeing halloween events pop up, so that means christmas is basically over. The hard part right now is waiting it out. I know that once I am on that plane to Colombia, I will look back and say OMG the past four months flew by, and now I already miss PA, where I was just a text away from my girls. I want to slow my self down, remind myself to really enjoy these last couple months and last set of holidays that I will definitely be in the states for. It’s hard though, with something so huge sitting right in front of me. I can almost taste it!

For a long long time now I have played with the oddity of a thing that we call time in my head. It’s something that lingers in my head and I can ponder for long periods of time. For example, right now I am foreshadowing me reading this first blog entry about a year into my Peace Corps service, that will be approximately a year and a half from now. I will look back on this day and think just how fast life goes by, but then I will look ahead and think WOW I still have a year before I go home. Anyway, in that moment I will have seen SO much more than I have seen today. My predictions and assumptions will be proven wrong about Barranquilla, my PC counterparts, my idea of teaching in Colombia, and the things I will experience in Colombia. We always have these preconceived notions of how something will be or turn out, turns out a lot of the time they’re wrong. It’s pretty interesting to think where those notions come from, maybe what we’ve seen on TV, or the research we’ve done on a topic. But, what’s amazing is that the brain actually forms images and clips of what we think something will be like, although it truly has no idea.


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